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Opening, Missing Posts, and Bugs, Oh my!?

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Hey guys. So first, to reiterate what I said in my belated happy opening post: we're technically officially open (sans the few species I forgot to fill out) as of January 15, 2020. Here's to hoping that, despite our incredibly rocky start, we continue to grow!

In regards to that rocky start: apparently, when I tried to move some forums earlier, the system wiped out the forums altogether. Fortunately, this only affected the main board. Clubs were not bothered by this. Since then, I've patched the version of the software and recreated the forums. We lost three threads as a result of this: a generic welcome to IPS thread, my other opening announcement thread, and the RP between Victoria and Gwyllgi. 

I am not sure what caused this to happen, but I greatly apologize for the inconvenience--it seems our launch has been plagued by those, but that is to be expected. Not every launch of something is perfect. In this regard, the forums as they now are are pretty set in stone. Anything that needs added or removed will likely be handled through clubs (optional private RP there) anyway, so there shouldn't be even a possibility of a re-occurrence of this issue.

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