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This is a list of canon characters that are available to play. If you wish to take one, simply comment--the reservation will last approximately a week. This should be plenty of time to get the character created, as this is a no-app site: you simply have to fill in the required slots, so we know where to sort you. Before adopting one of these characters, please review the following rules in regard to their use:

  1. Canon characters must be made within one week of their reservation. 
  2. Canon characters are required to be active. If you need to take a break, please post in our Absences forum. You will be given up to one month of leave before the character will be opened up for reassignment. This is solely so that we can continue to drive the plot forward in a kiss of darkness
  3. For the most part, these characters are flexible. However, in some cases there may be a preference or requirement to the character. We ask that you respect these and take them into consideration before choosing to play one.
  4. To Reserve a character, simply post a reply stating which character you'd like to reserve. A reserve lasts one week. You have that long to complete the character's profile. If you need to make an extension, you may ask for one using this thread at any time.
  5. To claim a character, you must have completed the profile. This is the only time a character will require approval before play. Simply post here with a brief history of your approved character, and we'll update the canon list with the character's name, a link to its profile, and the use of your blurb.

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City Officials

  • The Mayor: Open
    • History
      • Disguised as a human, this demon has won the hearts of Sin City's voters by nefarious means. Beyond this, the character's history is fairly open.
    • Requirements
      • Must be familiar with US government and its politics, especially in regard to city politics.
      • Character must be a demon.
    • Preferences
      • There are no preferences for this character
  • Chief of Police: Open
    • History
      • Open
    • Requirements
      • Must be familiar with US laws and the way in which policing works.
    • Preferences
      • No preferences.

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