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  1. Hey guys! Wanting to affiliate? Awesome! Here's our button: <a href="https://akissofdarkness.com" target="_new"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/0crcYYq/a-kiss-of-darkness-1.png"></a> In order to affiliate, please place our button on your index page and create a new thread titled with your site name and the following information: a static button complete with the coding the button must be 88x31, otherwise it will be resized and cropped
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    Overview The term "Gifted" refers to those that appear human, yet exhibit otherworldly traits. Whether its through gene-modification, experimentation, or simply the fact they were born with the innate ability to use magic, these humans often stand out among their more mundane counterparts. Creation Gifted are most commonly created through traditional means: they are simply born from their parents with natural ability. Other methods of creation include experimentation and modification--often done by scientists that have made their living testing out different methods of extraction and application using traits harvested from other Gifted. In some cases, traits from preternatural creatures are applied in this fashion. Sub-type Unlike other species, there's no exact classification for the various sub-types of the Gifted, aside from Witches.
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    January 2020

    2020 is here and Las Vegas is thriving, living up to its namesake of Sin City. The current mayor is a powerful demon disguised as a human that has swayed the votes of Las Vegas in her favor. The city is rife with crime and dark temptations lurk around every corner. Will you join the darkness? Or will you fight against it? In a kiss of darkness, players are given a real-life simulation of living in Las Vegas, but with the addition of supernatural creatures that came into the open on Black Christmas-- December 25, 2016. In the three years since, residents of the United States (and the world) have been fighting in favor of equal rights for the Others, or against them entirely. Hunters lurk around the city, assassinating key members of society in an effort to purge the world of the Others. The Church fights what they see as a demonic attempt at conquest. Law enforcement is at a loss, but struggle to upend the corruption that has settled within the city. Whether you wish to be an officer, an official, a local business owner, or something else entirely, we will work with you to create a sandbox we’ll all love and enjoy writing in.
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    Out-of-Character Rules a kiss of darkness is a 3/3/3 rated, supernatural horror set in modern day Las Vegas, Nevada. We adhere vehemently to this rating, which means a character may encounter scenarios normally not found to be acceptable in other games. Extreme violence is permitted; however, threads that contain such content must be properly tagged with the letters TW (Trigger Warning). Threads containing mature content, such as graphic depictions of sexual acts, must be labeled NSFW (Not Safe For Work). About that mature content... OOC consent is required for the following scenarios: character death, character maiming, and sexual assault. Scenes depicting sexual intercourse cannot occur with characters below the age of 18. While the age of consent varies from country to country and sexual acts among teens are common practices, we feel this rule is necessary. Any sexual scenes that involve characters under the age of eighteen must fade to black. Implied sex with characters under the age of sixteen is prohibited. Simultaneously, we enforce an inclusive atmosphere. While a player might encounter inflammatory dialogue IC, we expect players to treat one another with respect--especially OOCly. a kiss of darkness is a real-world setting with supernatural elements. If a thread contains potentially offensive material (bigotry, racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments, ableism, xenophobia, religious discrimination, etc.) , it must be tagged with CW (Content Warning). There is no word count. A player can write as little or as much as they wish and we will never regulate posts based on word counts. It is the player's responsibility to speak with their partner and find a happy medium when it comes to discussing post length. Players are asked to keep their partner in mind when it comes to writing their posts and, unless wrapping up a thread, provide enough material to respond to. Applications? No thanks. a kiss of darkness runs on a no-app system. Players only need to register with their OOC account, and from there characters can be created via use of the IPS Character Mod. (For more information on using our character system, please be sure to check out our Quick-Start Guide which is located under the information tab.) Once the required fields are completed and a character is submitted, players will be able to use that character immediately. In regards to Playbys/Faceclaims: these may be anything, ranging from celebrities to artwork. Depending on which type of portrait is used, players are required to provide either the model's name or credit to the artist. Use of the same faceclaim is at the discretion of the person that chose it first. If the answer is no, then the answer is no. The only exception is if the player using the faceclaim has been inactive for a significant period of time, in which case players may contact a member of the staff regarding its use. In-Character Rules Time is non-linear. Some boards also use the term liquid. What it means is this: a character may take part in multiple threads at once, but it is the player's responsibility to set the sequences of events in their character's timeline. Past dates can be used for retroactive roleplay, but since time travel itself does not exist in this universe, a thread cannot start in the future--however, a completed thread can take take place at any point during the span of time it was open. For example, if the thread began on August 1, 2020 and ended on August 15, 2020, the players involved can say that the scenario took place on August 15, 2020. If a player is involved in a retroactive roleplay, the thread should be tagged with PAST and the actual day/date/time that the thread takes place on should be denoted at the top of the post. Metagaming is forbidden. Keep in character and out of character separate. Anything not expressed directly by means of communication to another character is OOC knowledge. Betty might like the color white, and her writer might type that she likes it in a post, but unless Betty tells Rue, "I like white," Rue does not know this--only Rue's player does. Avoid godmoding. This refers to controlling another player through direct or indirect means. In some cases, a player might allow it, and that is at their discretion. Generally speaking though, it is up to the player whether or not a certain action or attack affects them. Similarly, it is frowned upon to make a character invincible. We do not allow the playing of gods, therefore no characters have the power, strength, or defense of one. Ask before permadeath. Character deaths are up to the character's player, always. As is maiming. This does not mean that a player cannot attempt to do these things, only that the victim must be given the opportunity to get out of a situation, even if its not necessarily unscathed. Similarly, repeated abuse of this rule to get out of situations in manners that are unreasonable and unbelievable is frowned upon.
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    Quick-Start Guide

    Quick-Start Guide Registering an Account To register your account, simply click the sign up button! We do not have character accounts here at a kiss of darkness since we make use of the IPS Character Mod developed by Morrigan of RPG Initiative. This username is what you will go by OOCly, however it is not the be-all, end-all. Users may change their nickname at any time--we only ask that the change is reflected in our Discord as well. Shortened versions of your username are acceptable. Creating a Character Click the create button at the very top of your screen. It can be found to the left of your username. At the bottom of the menu that pops up, select the option for character. From there, fill out the fields! Only the required ones are necessary to finalize and play your character, so don't fret if you haven't figured out the specifics of your character just yet. After you've finished, click submit and ta-da! you're done. You may now use this character to post in the forums and begin writing your story. Posting with a Character To post with a character, click the thread you want to respond to. You can then scroll down to the bottom of the page and make use of the quick reply box or you can click the reply button at the top or bottom of the thread. Either way, it'll bring you to the editor, where the only difference you may encounter is the text editor. (On IPS there is no need for using BBCode.) Unlike Jcink, we have not enabled the use of HTML for post styling. This is to keep the board easy to read and relatively uniform for those that may have impaired vision. If you have further questions regarding the registration and roleplaying process, feel free to Ask the Staff!
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    Overview The Undead are those whose mortal lives have ended, yet their time on Earth has not. Often raised by powerful necromancers, sentient undead are becoming more and more popular. Vampires are the most common of the undead, known for their beauty and charm. Where as the more ghoulish of their ilk are, without glamours, more commonly spurned by the public at large. Creation One becomes a member of the undead in several ways. If by vampire, they are often bitten and drained of their blood in a ritual that results in the living being's death. Zombies on the other hand, and ghouls, tend to be raised by necromancers. Naturally, the dead cannot procreate. However, there are rumors of a dark ritual that requires an exceptional necromancer and demon to complete. This ritual reanimates the womb of the undead as incubation for demonic spawn. In the case that a member of the undead uses this ritual, they may only reproduce with demons or celestials. Whatever is spawned by this ritual will be, at the very least, half-demon. A Celestial that lays with the dead is considered fallen. Because the undead are remarkably malleable, the process of spawning a demon from the loins of one of the dead, if at all possible, does not mean death for the mother. Sub-type There are many sub-types to the undead species, ranging from vampires to ghouls and zombies. Banshees and liches, known for their resilience, often require more than one necromancer to raise, as one necromancer is not capable of producing enough energy to complete the ritual.
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    Overview A Shifter is a creature with the ability to change its shape. This change can be voluntary or prompted by a specific phase of a celestial body. This is often dependent upon the type of Shifter, although some subspecies are known to be able to shift under multiple sets of circumstances. Creation Animal shifters, to include the Lycanthrope, are generally created via infection through bodily fluid contact. The contact may be sexual in nature or even a simple bite. Sub-type Most common is the Lycanthrope or more commonly, the Werewolf. Less plentiful are a great many other werecreatures, capable of shifting into other animals. Hybrids, creatures that are part animal and part Human, are known to exist. The hybrid form can be permanent or temporary. These individuals possess both Human and animalistic traits.
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    Overview Despite their recent drop in numbers, humans still make up the majority of London as well as the rest of the world. Their station in the overall hierarchy has certainly changed with many having become slaves to the Others. Humans have no special abilities whatsoever. Susceptible to sin, humans are especially easy prey for all of the others and have become something of a commodity. With each of the warring factions vying for control of the general human populace, humans are prized for a variety of reasons. Particularly strong humans are exceptionally desirable, whether it be physically or morally. Creation They are able to conceive with each other through normal impregnation. They are also able to reproduce with various Others through the given species' mode of reproduction. Additionally, without the aid of a witch or demon, they cannot survive the birth of a demonic child. Should they conceive with a Demon, the child will be Demonic. For more information, please see the information under the Demon page. Because of the unholy magics that exist and the constant need for more humans to fill the roles desired by the Others, human reproduction time has been shortened. Adapting to facing the extinction of their kind, the human gestation period is three months. One month for each normal trimester. Sub-type While humans generally exist as both male or female, there are instances of inter-sexed individuals. Additionally, many humans have become enslaved by the Others. They can exist as companions, servants and even breeding stock. Beyond their gender and social status, Humans may also exist as Hunters. Hunters are those who have devoted themselves to protecting their fellow Humans from the Others. They have been aware of the Others since before the Others had made themselves known to the world at large.
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    Overview Created to torment souls in Hell, Demons are supernatural entities. Their powers are wide and ranging, dependent upon the sin for which they were spawned. Beyond the gates of Hell, Demons may be summoned to do the bidding of another. Usually bound by deals or oaths, their power can be limited. More recently, some Demons have escaped their Hellish bindings to walk the Earth free of their usual constraints. Demons are embodiments of evil, and no species is immune to their influence. Any creature converted and corrupted loses the aspects of their previous being, as they are remade entirely by evil. There is no such thing as a vampiric demon. Oftentimes, those in constant contact with demons will take time away from them to recover, as the distance diminishes the effects of corruption. Non-intimate, repeated contact, for two months without a break, will result in the individual being corrupted by evil. Creation Demons are capable of procreating with any living creature, but should they not conceive with a demon of their same sub-type type,the demonic entity that is birthed will always be an imp. On the same note, should compatible demons conceive, whether one of the parents is half-blood or Converted, the birthed demon, if more than three-quarters demonic blood, will be born a full-blood demon. Human women cannot birth a child of demonic origin without the aid of magic. Because demons age at birth to their desired appearance, the process of bringing a demon into the world through birth, rather than summoning, is extremely painful and gruesome. Oftentimes, when a woman conceives, whether by choice or not, with a demon, the process of birth splits her body open and kills her. The presence of a demon in another's company is often affected by the demon's influence. Because of this, beings who linger near demons are more likely to be corrupted, especially those who are repeatedly intimate with a demon. Corruption can be corrected, however once a being has allowed themselves to be fully consumed by sin, that being would become a Converted demon. Sub-type Demons are separated into several categories. Each is ruled by one of the Seven Deadly Sins, pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. Naturally, each sub-type preys upon those susceptible to their sin. More powerful demons may subscribe to more than one sin. In rare cases, exceptionally powerful demons may subscribe to all seven. Half-blood Demons, creatures born of impure parentage may exhibit Demonic traits and abilities and in some cases are nearly indistinguishable from their pure counterparts. While prone to corruption themselves, they may be more or less susceptible based on their exact parentage. Additionally, their own ability to corrupt is often restricted.
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