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    The Undead are those whose mortal lives have ended, yet their time on Earth has not. Often raised by powerful necromancers, sentient undead are becoming more and more popular. Vampires are the most common of the undead, known for their beauty and charm. Where as the more ghoulish of their ilk are, without glamours, more commonly spurned by the public at large.


    One becomes a member of the undead in several ways. If by vampire, they are often bitten and drained of their blood in a ritual that results in the living being's death. Zombies on the other hand, and ghouls, tend to be raised by necromancers.

    Naturally, the dead cannot procreate. However, there are rumors of a dark ritual that requires an exceptional necromancer and demon to complete. This ritual reanimates the womb of the undead as incubation for demonic spawn. In the case that a member of the undead uses this ritual, they may only reproduce with demons or celestials. Whatever is spawned by this ritual will be, at the very least, half-demon. A Celestial that lays with the dead is considered fallen.

    Because the undead are remarkably malleable, the process of spawning a demon from the loins of one of the dead, if at all possible, does not mean death for the mother.


    There are many sub-types to the undead species, ranging from vampires to ghouls and zombies. Banshees and liches, known for their resilience, often require more than one necromancer to raise, as one necromancer is not capable of producing enough energy to complete the ritual.

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