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    Despite their recent drop in numbers, humans still make up the majority of London as well as the rest of the world. Their station in the overall hierarchy has certainly changed with many having become slaves to the Others. Humans have no special abilities whatsoever.

    Susceptible to sin, humans are especially easy prey for all of the others and have become something of a commodity. With each of the warring factions vying for control of the general human populace, humans are prized for a variety of reasons. Particularly strong humans are exceptionally desirable, whether it be physically or morally.


    They are able to conceive with each other through normal impregnation. They are also able to reproduce with various Others through the given species' mode of reproduction. Additionally, without the aid of a witch or demon, they cannot survive the birth of a demonic child. Should they conceive with a Demon, the child will be Demonic. For more information, please see the information under the Demon page.

    Because of the unholy magics that exist and the constant need for more humans to fill the roles desired by the Others, human reproduction time has been shortened. Adapting to facing the extinction of their kind, the human gestation period is three months. One month for each normal trimester.


    While humans generally exist as both male or female, there are instances of inter-sexed individuals. Additionally, many humans have become enslaved by the Others. They can exist as companions, servants and even breeding stock.

    Beyond their gender and social status, Humans may also exist as Hunters. Hunters are those who have devoted themselves to protecting their fellow Humans from the Others. They have been aware of the Others since before the Others had made themselves known to the world at large.

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