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    Created to torment souls in Hell, Demons are supernatural entities. Their powers are wide and ranging, dependent upon the sin for which they were spawned.

    Beyond the gates of Hell, Demons may be summoned to do the bidding of another. Usually bound by deals or oaths, their power can be limited. More recently, some Demons have escaped their Hellish bindings to walk the Earth free of their usual constraints.

    Demons are embodiments of evil, and no species is immune to their influence. Any creature converted and corrupted loses the aspects of their previous being, as they are remade entirely by evil. There is no such thing as a vampiric demon. Oftentimes, those in constant contact with demons will take time away from them to recover, as the distance diminishes the effects of corruption. Non-intimate, repeated contact, for two months without a break, will result in the individual being corrupted by evil.


    Demons are capable of procreating with any living creature, but should they not conceive with a demon of their same sub-type type,the demonic entity that is birthed will always be an imp. On the same note, should compatible demons conceive, whether one of the parents is half-blood or Converted, the birthed demon, if more than three-quarters demonic blood, will be born a full-blood demon.

    Human women cannot birth a child of demonic origin without the aid of magic. Because demons age at birth to their desired appearance, the process of bringing a demon into the world through birth, rather than summoning, is extremely painful and gruesome. Oftentimes, when a woman conceives, whether by choice or not, with a demon, the process of birth splits her body open and kills her.

    The presence of a demon in another's company is often affected by the demon's influence. Because of this, beings who linger near demons are more likely to be corrupted, especially those who are repeatedly intimate with a demon. Corruption can be corrected, however once a being has allowed themselves to be fully consumed by sin, that being would become a Converted demon.


    Demons are separated into several categories. Each is ruled by one of the Seven Deadly Sins, pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. Naturally, each sub-type preys upon those susceptible to their sin.

    More powerful demons may subscribe to more than one sin. In rare cases, exceptionally powerful demons may subscribe to all seven.

    Half-blood Demons, creatures born of impure parentage may exhibit Demonic traits and abilities and in some cases are nearly indistinguishable from their pure counterparts. While prone to corruption themselves, they may be more or less susceptible based on their exact parentage. Additionally, their own ability to corrupt is often restricted.

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