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    Out-of-Character Rules

    1. a kiss of darkness is a 3/3/3 rated, supernatural horror set in modern day Las Vegas, Nevada. We adhere vehemently to this rating, which means a character may encounter scenarios normally not found to be acceptable in other games. Extreme violence is permitted; however, threads that contain such content must be properly tagged with the letters TW (Trigger Warning). Threads containing mature content, such as graphic depictions of sexual acts, must be labeled NSFW (Not Safe For Work).
    2. About that mature content... OOC consent is required for the following scenarios: character death, character maiming, and sexual assault. Scenes depicting sexual intercourse cannot occur with characters below the age of 18. While the age of consent varies from country to country and sexual acts among teens are common practices, we feel this rule is necessary. Any sexual scenes that involve characters under the age of eighteen must fade to black. Implied sex with characters under the age of sixteen is prohibited. 
    3. Simultaneously, we enforce an inclusive atmosphere. While a player might encounter inflammatory dialogue IC, we expect players to treat one another with respect--especially OOCly. a kiss of darkness is a real-world setting with supernatural elements. If a thread contains potentially offensive material (bigotry, racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments, ableism, xenophobia, religious discrimination, etc.) , it must be tagged with CW (Content Warning).
    4. There is no word count. A player can write as little or as much as they wish and we will never regulate posts based on word counts. It is the player's responsibility to speak with their partner and find a happy medium when it comes to discussing post length. Players are asked to keep their partner in mind when it comes to writing their posts and, unless wrapping up a thread, provide enough material to respond to. 
    5. Applications? No thanks. a kiss of darkness runs on a no-app system. Players only need to register with their OOC account, and from there characters can be created via use of the IPS Character Mod. (For more information on using our character system, please be sure to check out our Quick-Start Guide which is located under the information tab.) Once the required fields are completed and a character is submitted, players will be able to use that character immediately.
    6. In regards to Playbys/Faceclaims: these may be anything, ranging from celebrities to artwork. Depending on which type of portrait is used, players are required to provide either the model's name or credit to the artist. Use of the same faceclaim is at the discretion of the person that chose it first. If the answer is no, then the answer is no. The only exception is if the player using the faceclaim has been inactive for a significant period of time, in which case players may contact a member of the staff regarding its use.
    7. What is a character cap? We don't have one. Though we prefer that users delete the characters they ultimately choose not to play, we will not be limiting the amount that one can create. However, characters that hold important roles within the game must be kept active, or they will be replaced.

    In-Character Rules

    1. Time is non-linearSome boards also use the term liquid. What it means is this: a character may take part in multiple threads at once, but it is the player's responsibility to set the sequences of events in their character's timeline. Past dates can be used for retroactive roleplay, but since time travel itself does not exist in this universe, a thread cannot start in the future--however, a completed thread can take take place at any point during the span of time it was open. For example, if the thread began on August 1, 2020 and ended on August 15, 2020, the players involved can say that the scenario took place on August 15, 2020. If a player is involved in a retroactive roleplay, the thread should be tagged with PAST and the actual day/date/time that the thread takes place on should be denoted at the top of the post.
    2. Metagaming is forbidden. Keep in character and out of character separate. Anything not expressed directly by means of communication to another character is OOC knowledge. Betty might like the color white, and her writer might type that she likes it in a post, but unless Betty tells Rue, "I like white," Rue does not know this--only Rue's player does.
    3. Avoid godmoding. This refers to controlling another player through direct or indirect means. In some cases, a player might allow it, and that is at their discretion. Generally speaking though, it is up to the player whether or not a certain action or attack affects them. Similarly, it is frowned upon to make a character invincible. We do not allow the playing of gods, therefore no characters have the power, strength, or defense of one.
    4. Ask before permadeath. Character deaths are up to the character's player, always. As is maiming. This does not mean that a player cannot attempt to do these things, only that the victim must be given the opportunity to get out of a situation, even if its not necessarily unscathed. Similarly, repeated abuse of this rule to get out of situations in manners that are unreasonable and unbelievable is frowned upon.
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