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    Quick-Start Guide


    Quick-Start Guide

    Registering an Account

    To register your account, simply click the sign up button! We do not have character accounts here at a kiss of darkness since we make use of the IPS Character Mod developed by Morrigan of RPG Initiative. This username is what you will go by OOCly, however it is not the be-all, end-all. Users may change their nickname at any time--we only ask that the change is reflected in our Discord as well. Shortened versions of your username are acceptable.

    Creating a Character

    Click the create button at the very top of your screen. It can be found to the left of your username. At the bottom of the menu that pops up, select the option for character. From there, fill out the fields! Only the required ones are necessary to finalize and play your character, so don't fret if you haven't figured out the specifics of your character just yet. After you've finished, click submit and ta-da! you're done. You may now use this character to post in the forums and begin writing your story.

    Posting with a Character

    To post with a character, click the thread you want to respond to. You can then scroll down to the bottom of the page and make use of the quick reply box or you can click the reply button at the top or bottom of the thread. Either way, it'll bring you to the editor, where the only difference you may encounter is the text editor. (On IPS there is no need for using BBCode.) Unlike Jcink, we have not enabled the use of HTML for post styling. This is to keep the board easy to read and relatively uniform for those that may have impaired vision.

    If you have further questions regarding the registration and roleplaying process, feel free to Ask the Staff!

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